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The Gab-Cos Jewelry line is simply beautiful. They don't tell stories about where there jewelry is made. They have a factory in Istanbul and offer the most beautiful designs; although wholesale. A piece of Istanbul is brought to the USA. Everything is better than the next. Inspired by love of lucky amulets and exotic jewelry and fueled by the desire to produce the highest quality product, we have created a line just for you. We manufacture in the heart of Istanbul and have been providing "jewelry to die for" to clients all over the world for over ten years and counting.

There company strives to make hip and chic jewelry including eyes, the hamsa, Judaic items, crosses, four leaf clovers, fish, elephants, Buddha‘s and many other trendy and spiritual designs. All of which are made into a large line of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. No matter how much the line continues to grow, They will always remain the same, and produce designs of the highest excellence for our valued clients all over the world.