First of All, Why Should You Keep Your Items Organized?

Simple, So If You Want To Reuse Them, You Know Where To Look For. So You Won't Go Crazy Looking For An Item, You Know That You Saved, But Din't Know Where It Is.

To keep your items organized:

1. Go to your page.

2. scroll down to the row with the items.

3. click on "organize items".

4.Open the scroller, and click on "Not Yet Tagged".

5. Select related items, then type what you want to tag them as in the blank box and click "Tag".

  • Remember that You Can Tag Each Item, To As Many Tags As You Want.
  • Also, Using The Organizer, You Can Delete Items, You Don't Need Anymore, Or Accidentally Added.

(As Seen In The Picture Below, Items are Selected To Be Deleted.)

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Polyvore Organizer

--AriesPrincess~Slyffindor 21:41, 28 December 2008 (UTC)