1. Log in to your account ( if you don't have one, make one).

2. On top of the page, Click on Create.

3. This is the Polyvore Editor.


Editor - Full Version


Editor - Full Version - Second pic

4. On the right, there is a box, with tabs: "My Items", "Drafts", "Sets", "All Items", and "New Tab". {As Seen In The Two Picture On The Side, Featuring The Editor}

5. If you already have items, you can use those, but you don't have to.

6.Click on "All Items", and you see a list of categories: "Shoes", "Accessories","Dresses", "Bags","Jewelry", "Tops", "Pants", "Background", "Skirts", "Jackets", "Jeans", "Text", "Music". (Third Picture On The Side, However, Unfortunately, I couldn't find you a picture of the newest version of the editor, so in the picture, you don't have the "Music" Category. As soon as I find something I will update this page for you. )

Polyvore Editor

Polyvore Editor - Categories

7. Click on which ever you like.

8. You see all the items, appear, click on any, and you have the option to "add to set" and "save item".

9. if you like the item, but don't want to use it now, you can "save it" to your items, for later.

10. using either the "add to set" or by dragging the item, you can add it to the set, on the left hand.

11. With the text category, you can add text to the set, and using the music category, you add music.

12. You can save either as "Save as Draft" to complete it later. or if you finished you can Publish the set by clicking on "Publish". You need categorize you set, you may want to add a title and tags to it to.

13. There are some rules. you can only submit each set to only five groups.

  • Note One:

You can only create five groups, but you can join as many as you like, but keep in mind, that you can submit each set to only five groups.

  • Note Two:

Also to keep your items organized, you can go to your page, scroll down to the row with the items, click on "organize items". Open the scroller, and click on "Not Yet Tagged" and select related items, then type what you want to tag them as in the blank box and click "Tag".

->If this is not clear, don't worry, I will make " How To Organize you Items" article too, very soon.

Hope this Helped


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